Late night crafting..err…practicing

Jennifer McGuire is the queen of techniques. So I was pretty excited when she featured a technique that I had previously tried – perfect pearl powder with layering stamps. I was so excited to try it again, with her extra tips. 

I didn’t get a great picture, but the bottom layer (the darker pink on the body) is stamped with Versamark and covered with Pink Gumball perfect pearl powder. I then stamped the third layer (I skipped the second layer) with just Versamark, which removes the perfect pearl (this was the awesome tip from Jennifer’s video). The face and legs were stamped with a pink ink. I can’t quite capture the sparkle, but it’s really pretty. 

I also tried this with a pineapple layering stamp (same set).

(Again, blurry photo.. it was late, lol~ I really need to take a photo class). You can see the sparkle better for this one. I’ll have to practice a little more to figure out how to get all the excess powder off without removing too much from the image. I tried a dried cloth (Jennifer’s suggestion) and a swiffer cloth. They both removed powder from the image. Maybe the key is waiting for it to set? 

Techniques like this make me really really really want the misti… 


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