Layers to the rescue


I sort of love how this background turned out. Before this, it was pretty bad.. I started off with lots of washi tape and just randomly taped it everywhere. I then gesso’ed it. I was trying to use a different color combo than I usually do, so I added orange, yellow, and red distress paints. It was pretty.. orange. So I tried to tone it down with some orange, red, and yellow stickles. Still not so good. According to my hubby, it looked like orange vomit with glitter. I tried to tone it down it by adding gesso, some gold texture paste (thru a stencil), and spray ink, but it looked worse. So I just went to bed. This morning, I went back with different shades of blue distress paint and added layers (and layers, and layers, and layers), and this was the result. I love it. You can actually still see the bits of stickles glitter behind all of the blue paint. The texture and the layers… I felt really artsy when it started coming together!

I have a song in mind, but I’m afraid to put anything on it. I really like it. 🙂


I added glitter to the corners. 🙂 Because, per my hubby, [glitter] is a must. I love him. He gets it.


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